CT - Scans

CT Scans 

If you’ve visited the dentist recently, chances are that you have gotten x-rays for your teeth. But what if x-rays don’t tell the full story? In those instances, it’s often necessary to utilize CT scans to view 3D images that allow us to see exactly what is going on — and to come up with a plan for treatment.

Offering Dental CT Scans in Panama City

Whether you are in need of dental implants or you have experienced facial trauma, a CT scan can help your dentist get a fuller picture that’s perfect for diagnosing the issue or planning out your procedure. When it’s important to truly understand the details, dentists will often order a CT scan to get a better look at dental structures, tissues, nerve pathways, and bone. In other words, it allows your dentist to come up with a comprehensive plan for your treatment.

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