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How Our Dental Advantage Plan Works

A nice smile may make you feel good about yourself, but dental hygiene goes far beyond looks. Poor hygiene can cause several problems, including cavities, tooth decay, and gum disease. It can even negatively impact your heart. Advanced Dental Clinic can help you avoid these issues with our Dental Advantage Plan. Below is what this plan includes.

Dental exam

New Patient Extensive Exam and Regular Cleanings

While our center for advanced dentistry takes every exam seriously, your first patient exam goes into greater detail so the dentist can see everything that’s going on and make a personalized dental plan. This comprehensive exam includes tooth, gum, and bite inspections. Our dentist in Panama City, FL, wants to check for underlying problems and address them promptly before they get worse.

Once your problems have been fixed, the dentist will only require that you come for regular cleanings. These are much less extensive; the goal is to catch dental problems early and prevent future issues from developing.

Smiling at the dentist

Dental Discounts

Our center for advanced dentistry staff knows that dental care can be expensive. We don’t want prices holding you back from getting the care you need, so we offer several discounts, making your exams, X-rays, and other dental work affordable. Our Panama City, FL, dentist wants to ensure you can get the dental treatment you deserve!

Dental oral screenings

Oral Screenings

Dental visits go beyond tooth and gum care; they also include cancer screenings. This service is included in routine exams. The objective is to detect oral cancers early so that there is a better chance they can be treated and cured.

Dental xrays


Looking at the exterior of your teeth isn’t enough; the dentist must also examine the interior portion under the gums by reading your X-ray films. Our Panama City, FL, dentist can use these films to identify problems such as bone loss, cysts, and abscesses.

If you haven’t been to the dentist in years, now is the time to go! If you are in the Panama City area and need a dentist, we are ready to help. Check out our Dental Advantage Plan and contact us when you’re ready to book an appointment!

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